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Is the Occult Really Just “Fun and Games?”

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“Under Cover of Light”—Exposing the deception of the occult, parapsychology, New Age and false religions. These “false evidences of God” are deceiving our children and creeping into the Church. 
  • The New Age Movement: “Spirituality” has become the mantra of the NA movement, claiming that it doesn’t matter what you worship because all paths lead to God.
  • Witchcraft and the Occult: More overtly evil than the NA, occult activities are still being increasingly depicted as practiced by “nice” characters in books and movies, deceiving people into believing that occult practices are simply “harmless fun and games”.
  • False Religions: Every major religion (outside of Christianity) contains some flaw in its logic when followed to its end: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and, the coming world religion—Chrislam.