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   The fact is, while I love writing about almost anything else, the most difficult thing for me to craft is the necessary “About Me” author bio. I don’t consider it “about me”. However, it is a chance to share so I will—and I promise it won’t be fiction.

   I’ve been blessed to do some wonderful things in my life but the top of the list is being a mom. It’s my favorite thing. I have two sons, young men in their twenties who have made me very proud. My older son is a deputy sheriff—he’s always wanted to be a policeman, and my younger son is living the dream in Long Beach where he works at a law firm. However, at the risk of invasion of privacy, that’s about all I’m allowed to say… 🙂

   As for me, I’ve been a public school teacher for over twenty years, teaching English and social studies to teenagers. Some days, that’s much like giving a cat a bath. Prior to education, I worked on-air in radio, which I mention because, as with speaking and teaching, it’s another way of connecting with people in a live exchange of ideas—and that’s what makes it fun.

   Of course, I love to write. That’s what I do in my spare time, when I’m supposed to be doing something else, and when I should be sleeping. Since I’m a night owl, that generally works—inspiration often kicks in at about 11 pm EST. These days, in terms of fiction, I write thrillers and speculative novels with the occasional natural disaster scenario in the mix—all from a Christian perspective, of course. After all, there are no atheists fleeing an irritable fault-line. I also write on anti-occult themes using fiction (vs. non-fic), because a tale tends to make the point more universally and effectively than any number of sermons might do. In other words—show, don’t tell. I also write on Biblical principles of success at my blog, DestinyHighway.com.

   I love church. I came to know the Lord about mid-term through a HS English class called “Man, Myth and Magic,” guest-hosted by a witch who would come in and teach us how to do various occult activities.  The Lord rescued me out of that snake pit and since then, I’ve had a passion to expose falsehood and deception in all its forms: New Age, “white” witchcraft, parapsychology, and false religions. While heading Women’s Ministries and speaking at conferences, I’ve been able to share some of what the Lord has taught me, and I’m grateful for that because I am passionate about seeing people set free from the destruction brought by the lies and deception of the occult. In fact, one of my favorite scriptures is Hosea 4:6.

“’My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’”

   It’s probably not surprising that, as a teacher, I’d find this scripture to be so important but I truly believe that the knowledge of Biblical principle is key to building up the people of God and encouraging them to influence our nation and world for the Kingdom of God. To this end, a few of my other favorite topics include: discovering and fulfilling our destinies; evangelism and apologetics; and the Church’s responsibility in politics and government.  I especially love discussing our rights as guaranteed in the United States’ Constitution and The Bill of Rights.  (Topics are detailed on the HOME page.)

Women's Brunch IV

In a nutshell, my story is one of passion to inspire all of us to take hold of our destinies; to encourage others to stand for the United States as “one nation under God;” and to avoid the pitfalls of deception and destruction that will keep us from achieving those goals if we’re not diligent. I sincerely hope that we can join together to fulfill our specific, God-given assignments for the Kingdom of God.

   The world is waiting.


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