THEO-LOGIC: Evidence of God

“THEO-LOGIC: Evidence of God Conference”—Real information and tools to talk with and debate those claiming science as “disproof” of God. Available sessions include:
  • ‘Fine-Tuning’ Theory of the Universe—The Anthropic Principle:” The creation of the universe and the life within it can only exist inside of an extremely narrow range of perimeters in terms of the laws of physics. This principle is the one argument proving the existence of God that atheists say they cannot refute.
  • Proof that the Bible Was Written by God:” A look at the three types of Biblical prophecy and mathematical odds of their fulfillment by chance.
  • False Evidence of God:” Exposing the deception of the occult, parapsychology, New Age and false religions. These “false evidences of God” are deceiving our children and creeping into the Church.

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